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Why Should I Use Medical Grade Skincare?

There are many options to choose from when you are looking for a new skincare product and you might be wondering what products are best. Medical-grade skincare products will give you great results while maintaining and preventing various skin conditions. Though many people think these products are expensive, sometimes the price is worth it for quality ingredients and reputable companies.

Reasons Why You Should Use Medical-Grade Skin Care Products

Quality Control

When manufacturers make products in small quantities, it’s very easy for them to control the quality of their end product. Medical-grade skincare lines always come in small batches and can only be distributed to sellers the company has authorized. This means you can trust the company selling you these products and the products themselves, unlike over-the-counter products that may contain harmful ingredients.

High Concentration of Active Ingredients

Medical-grade skincare products can be made with higher quantities of prescription ingredients like retinol, antioxidants, and peptides. Since these ingredients have to be prescribed, over-the-counter companies either cannot include them in their products or must use low doses that often prove less effective. You may be surprised to know that some over-the-counter products even contain fillers and preservatives, unlike medical-grade skin care products.

Nutrient Infusion

The skin has certain features that act as protective barriers preventing large molecules from penetrating the skin layers. Unfortunately, over-the-counter skin care products cannot penetrate the skin effectively, so they cannot provide permanent solutions to different skin issues. Fortunately, medical-grade skin care products are specially designed, enabling them to penetrate deep into the skin. This ensures that any issues on your skin are properly addressed, delivering the best possible results.

pH-Adjusted Ingredients

When purchasing skin care products, it’s important to consider the pH levels of the ingredients contained in the products. Some over-the-counter skin care products can damage your skin because their pH levels might be alkaline and acidic. The good thing about using medical-grade skin care products is that they are manufactured by experts who understand the pH value of human skin and what is suitable for the skin.

Reliable Products

Though medical-grade skin care products might be more costly than over-the-counter skin care products, they are made using high-quality ingredients that will more effectively meet your needs and give you great results. A high concentration of active ingredients also means that you can use less product with the same or better results than over-the-counter skincare. When using over-the-counter skin care products, you’ll buy the same product several times before you start seeing the desired results. Therefore, even if professional-grade skin care products might be expensive, manufacturers price them honestly and have a better value in the long run.


When looking for skin care products, you need to choose products that are appropriate to your skin type. Using the wrong products could result in most issues. Professional-grade skin care products are designed for specific skin types and skin conditions so that you can target specific skin problems.

Medical-Grade Skincare at Glow Up Aesthetics

At Glow Up Aesthetics, our team is dedicated to happy, healthy skin. We offer a variety of medical-grade skincare products, including IS Clinical, Rodan and Fields Lash Boost, Skinbetter Science and ZO Skin Health, to our patients and use these products in our customizable cosmetic treatments. To learn more about the products and services we offer, schedule a consultation today at our Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids, MI, locations.

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