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Brow Lamination

Are you tired of trying to tame your brows or wish that you could skip styling them every morning? If so, you may be able to benefit from our med spa service, brow lamination! This semi-permanent treatment is ideal for those seeking shiny, smooth brows that appear thicker, fuller, and sleeker. A special chemical solution that contains a form of keratin is used to straighten brow hairs for more control over their shape and appearance.  

Brow lamination at Glow Up Aesthetics offers the following benefits:

  • Thicker, fuller-looking brows.
  • Can camouflage thinning and patchiness.
  • Improves overall brow shape.
  • Corrects brow hairs that want to stick up or out.
    Improves brows that lack shape or are uneven.

Brow Lamination Candidates

Individuals with all hair types and colors can benefit from brow lamination. It is also a great option for those with thin and minimal hair growth that do not wish to undergo microblading. However, this treatment is not recommended for those who have scars, burns, or scratches near their eyes, have skin conditions or inflammation in the brow area, have a history of severe allergies, or are pregnant or breastfeeding. To learn more about if this treatment is right for you, contact our office today! We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


The Brow Lamination Treatment

Before your brow lamination treatment, your practitioner may have you take certain steps to prepare, including avoiding the use of Retin-A, AHA, and exfoliating in the days leading up to treatment. It is also advised that you let your eyebrow hair grow in for 3-4 weeks before your appointment.

During treatment, you will lie back on a comfortable treatment table. A cream to lift up your brow hairs will first be applied, and then the hairs will be brushed upward. A neutralizer will then be applied to keep your brows in place. Lastly, nourishing oil is applied to help prevent skin irritation or hair dryness. Treatment usually takes about one hour to complete.

Patients can also choose to add on eyebrow waxing to their brow lamination treatment to help create their desired eyebrow shape.


After Brow Lamination

Following your brow lamination, you may experience slight redness or minor irritation to the skin of the brows. It is important that you avoid rubbing your brows and getting your brows wet for 24 hours and avoid contact with saunas, steam rooms, swimming pools, tanning beds, and direct sunlight for 48 hours. It can also be helpful to sleep on your back during the first night to prevent your brows from pushing up against your pillow. You will need to apply a cream or oil every night to keep your brows in place. Results can last for 6-8 weeks before another treatment is needed.


Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about brow lamination and how it can improve your brows, contact Glow Up Aesthetics in Kalamazoo, MI today to schedule a consultation. We are passionate about providing each of our patients with the best possible care for beautiful and natural-looking results. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is brow lamination?

Its like perming them straight. It makes them easier to manipulate and lay down. It can be paired with brow tint for a bolder look.

How long does lamination brows last?

Usually 6 to 8 weeks.

Is brow lamination better than microblading?

It depends on the person. Lamination is for people who have unruly brows and still a good amount of hair. Microblading is to fill in the gaps of lost hairs.

Whats the difference between brow lamination and tinting?

Lamination is to control the hairs, making them straighter. Tint is to make the lighter hairs darker for a more dramatic effect.

Is brow lamination good for thin brows?

It depends on the coarseness of the hairs.

Can you put makeup on laminated brows?

Yes. You just need to wait 24 hours before using any makeup.

Have a question? Feel free to send us a message!