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Powder Brows

 Are you looking to enhance the natural appearance of your eyebrows? Powder brows can improve the appearance of your brows, causing them to appear thicker, fuller, and create symmetry. 

What are Powdered Brows? 

Powdered brows are a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment. This procedure is also referred to as ombre brows or powder shading. This method is similar to microblading, however, Powder brows are performed with a machine instead of a handheld tool resulting in a more predictable, subtle and gentle outcome.  Instead of creating hair-like strokes into the skin, the ombre brow method uses small needles to fill in the brow resulting in an airbrushed, powdered, soft look. Powder brows are less invasive than other procedures and provide a more natural and subtle appearance than microblading. This semipermanent solution lasts longer than brow dye. With ombre brows, you can enjoy the look of a more solid brow for over a year. 

 Healing Process 

After your procedure, your specialist will apply a calming cream to help with redness. It is normal to feel tender, tight, comparable to a sunburn feeling. This will subside a few days after. You may notice that they immediately appear dark and continue to darken hours post procedure. They will soften within days to a more gentle and natural appearance. It is normal to experience flaking, or a patchy appearance for a few days. When this is done, your pigment will appear 40% lighter. You must return for a touchup procedure 6-8 weeks after your original appointment. Afterward, your new and improved eyebrows will last one to three years depending on your lifestyle.

Powder Brow Candidates

 This treatment is the preferred method for all skin types, even those with oily skin. Mature skin types may also be interested in powdered brows due to their loss of collagen. Decreased collagen means the skin is thinner, making the microblading technique appear more painful and invasive than ombre brows. Shade color and eyebrow shape are uniquely personalized for each individual based on their preferences and suggestions of their specialist.

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