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B-12 Injections

Making sure you have everything you need in your diet can be a challenge. At Glow Up Aesthetics, our team can help you live your best, most active life with nutrient injections designed to elevate your performance and improve your whole-body health.

Quick Facts

  • Session Duration: 15 Minutes
  • Results: 3-4 Days
  • Treatment Frequency: 1 Week

What are B-12 Injections?

B-12 is an essential vitamin that supports your body’s energy production, cellular activity, and overall neurological functions. Although it’s found in many different animal-based protein sources, there are a lot of reasons that you may not be able to absorb enough through your normal diet. B-12 injections can be an effective way to achieve the B-12 levels you need and fully take advantage of its benefits.

Are B-12 Injections Right for Me?

If you’re trying to lose weight, B-12 injections can be beneficial in improving your energy levels and metabolism. If you have B-12 deficiency, then this therapy can be a great way to improve your health and your quality of life. Additionally, if you eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, B-12 injections can help supplement your nutrient intake. Certain medical conditions like gastrointestinal disorders and endocrine-related autoimmune disorders, as well as taking certain medications, can make B-12 injections a necessary part of your medical care.

What are the Benefits of B-12 Injections?

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved neurological function
  • Boosted metabolism and sleep cycles

What Happens During B-12 Therapy?

B-12 injections are very quick and easy. We’ll begin by discussing your health history and why you’re seeking out B-12 therapy – as well as whether it’s the right option for you. Our team will create a customized treatment plan and then administer the injection. Once complete, you can return home.

B-12 Injection Maintenance

Most patients benefit from a regular schedule of injections which can be more or less frequent based on your health needs. This could be weekly and even span the course of several weeks for the most impact. You’ll begin to notice improvement after 48 hours when your body begins to create more red blood cells and improve its natural functions. Make sure to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle to get the most out of your B-12 therapy plan.

Schedule a Consultation

B-12 injections can be an effective way to take charge of your health and enjoy greater energy and performance. To meet with our team and learn more about your options, we invite you to contact our Kalamazoo office by calling or filling out our online form.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you feel after a B-12 shot?

You can expect some mild side effects like discomfort and redness at your injection site. However, most patients don’t notice any negative side effects after therapy.

Do B-12 shots give you energy?

B-12 is a necessary part of the way your body produces energy. Thus, if you’re deficient in vitamin B-12, your energy levels will improve after restoring your B-12 to a healthy amount.

What happens when your B-12 levels are low?

Low levels of B-12 lead to anemia, or a low level of red blood cells. Some symptoms of this include fatigue, weakness, and reduced neurological function.

What do vitamin B12 injections do for you?

They help with energy generally but can help aid in weight loss and metabolism.

How long do B12 injections last?

You can feel the results for several days.

How often should you get B12 shots?

We recommend 2-3 a week at first, then weekly and then monthly. Most people nlike to get one once a week though.

Do B12 injections give you energy?

Yes and a lot of people can tell when they miss a week and their lack of energy.

What to expect after getting a B12 shot?

The results are subtle for some and dramatic for others. Mostly they notice nthe energy boost.

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