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Are you struggling to correct dull skin or signs of aging on the face? Many skincare products promise anti-aging, moisturizing, or brightening results but consistently fail to deliver. At Glow Up Aesthetics in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, MI, we provide tailored treatments to help you achieve your aesthetic goals with near immediate results. Cosmetic peels, like BioRePeel, are a great way to rejuvenate tired skin and reduce signs of aging.

What is BioRePeel?

BioRePeelCI3 is a medical grade skin peel that improves the skin’s surface and texture by encouraging cell turnover. This innovative peel instantly reconstructs collagen and elastin deep in the skin and continues to enhance these results for weeks after treatments. Unlike other peels that are offered, BioRePeelCI3 addresses signs of aging and rejuvenates dull skin with little to no skin flaking and shedding. Combined with the fact that this peel is not photosensitive, you are able to show off your new skin right after treatment.

BioRePeel Procedure

The procedure is very quick and straightforward. Your provider will cleanse your skin before applying the BioRePeel solution to the skin where it will sit for approximately ten minutes before being removed. The peel uses a cutting edge two phase process to revitalize and stimulate the skin.

Lipophilic Phase

During this phase, dead skin, excess oil, and debris are dissolved while simultaneously stimulating fibroblast activity to strengthen the production of connective tissue, collagen, and elastin. This phase increases cell turnover, causing new skin cells to surface in place of the dull old ones.

Hydrophilic Phase

The hydrophilic phase stabilizes and protects the skin. It not only moisturizes the skin but prevents transdermal evaporation retaining the active ingredients and moisture for as long as possible. Not only does this step protect the skin barrier, but it encourages hydration in general.

BioRePeel Recovery

One of the greatest benefits of a BioRePeel is the fact that it has no downtime or recovery because the skin shows very little signs of peeling or irritation. Just because the peel doesn’t actually cause much shedding, doesn’t mean it is not working, though. BioRePeel is safe to use on all skin types and can be used on parts of the body other than just the face.

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