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iS Clinical®

If you’re looking for the best in physician-grade skincare, then our experienced team can help. No matter your skin concerns, we can recommend the right products for your skin from our selection at Glow Up Aesthetics.

Our Top Picks

  • Pro-Heal Serum Advance Plus
  • Reparative Moisture Emulsion
  • Youth Eye Complex

What is iS Clinical?

iS Clinical is a unique skincare line that harnesses Extremozymes®, or enzymes produced by organisms that live in extreme environments. There, effective protection from harsh environmental factors is a matter of life and death. The same principles and technologies can be applied to skincare with at-home products and facials utilizing some of the most powerful skincare ingredients on the market.

Is iS Clinical Right for Me?

iS Clinical can make up a powerful and effective skincare regimen for a variety of skin concerns. Additionally, iS Clinical can be a great protective factor in your regimen, especially for aging signs and post-treatment skin. Whatever your goals, our team can recommend the best options using the leading skincare technology on the market.

What Concerns Can iS Clinical Treat?

  • Aging
  • Rosacea
  • Scarring
  • Oiliness
  • Tone and Texture

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iS Clinical offers some excellent benefits over other physician-grade skincare lines. To learn more about the best skincare regimen for you, we invite you to contact our Kalamazoo office by calling or filling out our online form.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is iS Clinical a clean brand?

Yes. All iS Clinical products available are made with botanical-based ingredients.

Is iS Clinical safe to use during pregnancy?

Because of iS Clinical’s unique formulations, the active ingredients are not absorbed into the blood stream, making them safe for use during pregnancy.

Is iS Clinical good for sensitive skin?

iS Clinical is recommended for all skin types and ages. It can even benefit acne-prone and sensitive skin with the right regimen.

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