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What B12 Injections Can Do For You

Your body requires a variety of minerals and vitamins to function effectively. Specifically, Vitamin B12 is often discussed as a supplement because it plays several roles in your body, including helping to boost your energy levels. However, before you start supplementing, it is important to know the potential uses and how to use this vitamin to reap the most benefits.

Conditions Linked to Vitamin B12 Deficiency

If you are deficient in Vitamin B12, you’re at risk for a variety of negative side effects. Understanding these is integral to knowing how critical Vitamin B12 is.


A Vitamin B12 deficiency can be a risk factor for depression. While Vitamin B12 supplements do not appear to reduce the severity of depression, it may be beneficial for preventing a relapse into depression. Some research shows that this vitamin may play a role in boosting your overall mood, even when you do not have a history of depression.

Brain Function

Some research shows that your risk of developing dementia is higher when you have low levels of Vitamin B12. Overall brain function may also decline when vitamin B12 levels are low.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration is a vision condition that causes central vision loss over time in both eyes. When you are over age 50, getting plenty of B12 has been shown to reduce your risk of macular degeneration and support healthier overall vision.


When you have osteoporosis, your risk of fracture is higher due to the decreased strength of your bones. Reduced bone mass has been observed among those who have a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Getting Vitamin B12 Injections

While there are foods that have vitamin B12, many people still do not get enough in their diet. Because of this, getting Vitamin B12 injections can help to ensure that you are not deficient and that your body has enough of it to function properly.

The most common way to treat anemia caused by a Vitamin B12 deficiency is via injections that your doctor places into a muscle. Your initial injection appointment should take about 15 minutes to review medical history and complete the injection. Subsequent appointments should only take around 5 minutes so this is something that you can do on your lunch break if you are short on time.

The results should become apparent in about three to four days. You can have injections once a week to ensure that your body has proper vitamin B12 levels in the long-term, depending on your treatment plan.

Vitamin B12 Shots in Kalamazoo, MI

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