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Summer Lashes 101

Summer is a time for fun, sun, and relaxation. However, it can have its downsides for us lash-lovers. The hot weather can do havoc on your lashes. Is it possible to maintain your perfect lashes during the summer months? With a few simple steps, you can battle the heat and keep your eyelashes looking fantastic all summer long!

How To Maintain Perfect Lash During The Summer Months

1. Go Easy On Your Mascara

If you love finding new mascaras and testing every new release, this step is for you. After a long day in the sun, choose a mascara with fewer chemicals or one that is super-gentle on your eyes. It might not add dramatic volume to your lashes, but it will go easier on them.

2. Rinse Well

The summer heat can dry you out and make your eyes itchy and uncomfortable. The excellent news, rinsing your lash extensions will go a long way to helping them stay super soft. If you apply mascara on top of your extensions, then wash them off before going to bed, it will help you avoid eye irritation.

3. Use a Conditioner

When washing your eyelashes, use a conditioner to clean your lashes and seal in the moisture softly.

4. Top It Off with a Lash Serum

After you have washed your eyelashes, apply a collagen conditioner on top of the lashes. It will help keep the natural oils in your lashes, which can dry out and make them brittle. If you do not want to use a store-bought product, simply mix some rosewater with some of your favorite lotions, which will work just as well.

5. Keep the Sweat Off

When you are out in the heat, make sure you start with a light layer of mascara. It will help your lashes soak up the heat and not stick to each other when a sweat drop falls.

6. Hold Off On the Waterproof Mascara

If you will be out in the sun for an extended period, it is best to skip the waterproof mascara and go with a natural mascara. It will help your lashes keep their shape longer.

7. Use a Lash Primer

Apply a lash primer before your natural mascara to help prevent it from drying out during the day. It will keep your lashes feeling soft and smooth. It can also help with the lash loss during the summer by keeping them in their natural shape.

8. Be Gentle

In summer, many people reach for makeup removers that are not gentle on their skin or lash extensions. Try to keep your hands off your eyes and use a makeup remover that will go easy on them.

9. Go For Regular Refills, Not Extensions

When going out into the sun, always opt for a natural mascara that is not waterproof. It will keep your lashes looking thick and beautiful throughout the day.  Choosing new extensions rather than refills can cause issues with too much mascara based on your lashes, and they can appear to be clumpy or feel uncomfortably heavy on your eyes.

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