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PRP & PRF Joint Injections

When it comes to optimizing your health and promoting healing, your own body can do some amazing things with the right tools. At Glow Up Aesthetics, we can help you explore your options with blood concentrates to effectively return to your active lifestyle.

Quick Facts

  • Session Duration: 1 Hour
  • Final Results: 3-6 Months
  • Treatment Frequency: 4-6 Weeks

What are PRP and PRF?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. It’s a derivative of your own blood sample that is saturated with growth factors necessary for healing and tissue regeneration. PRF, or platelet-rich fibrin, is the next generation in PRP because it uses a specialized centrifuge that spins at a lower speed than that used for PRP treatments. The result is a higher concentration of growth factors and a more potent treatment process.

When injected into the joints, PRP and PRF can stimulate healing of the soft tissues over time through your body’s own regenerative mechanisms. All it requires is a blood sample and some patience!

Are PRP and PRF Right for Me?

If you’ve been experiencing difficulties with your joints and want to find relief, blood concentrates can be an easy and natural way to utilize your body’s innate ability to heal. This can help reduce the need for medications, surgeries, or expensive therapies. Additionally, PRP and PRF don’t require any downtime and there’s very little risk of reaction since your own blood is used.

What are the Benefits of PRP & PRF?

  • No downtime
  • Natural regeneration
  • No incisions

What Happens During PRP & PRF Joint Injections?

During your consultation at our Kalamazoo office, we’ll start by discussing your medical history and your goals for treatment. We’ll create a customized treatment plan and make sure you understand your options for PRP treatment with us. Then, a small blood sample will be drawn and placed within a specialized centrifuge based on whether PRP or PRF is right for you. This process separates out the plasma rich in growth factors which is then carefully injected into your treatment area. Finally, you can return home.

PRP & PRF Joint Injections Maintenance

After treatment, you may have some soreness for a few days, but this is usually very mild. It can take about 4 to 6 weeks for results to begin emerging, although it can take up to 4 months for best improvement. Most patients benefit from an ongoing treatment process to maintain growth and fully treat the area. You can opt for re-treatment as much as needed since PRP and PRF don’t require any harsh ingredients.

Schedule a Consultation

PRP and PRF are some of the most popular treatment options because of their natural regeneration and rejuvenating results. To meet with our team and learn more about your options, we invite you to contact our Kalamazoo office by calling or filling out our online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I rest after PRP injections?

It’s usually recommended to refrain from extensive activities or exercise for at least 2 weeks. This is because further injury can interfere with your results.

How many PRP injections will I need?

This can vary based on your unique medical needs, but most patients see drastic improvement after their second treatment.

Is PRP a permanent solution?

PRP works most efficiently within the months following treatment. To get the most out of your PRP therapy, it’s important to incorporate lifestyle changes to prevent the need for more treatment.

Can PRP be used for arthritis?

Yes. Platelet Rich Plasma is used for joints quite often. We take your own blood, spin it in a centrifuge to separate your plasma. Plasma is the most healing component of your blood which we then inject into the joint.

Do PRP injections really work?

It does. We have great results for knees especially or aesthetically to promote collagen production.

What are the side effects of a PRP injection?

The only side effects are soreness, bruising and stiffness at the injection site. The best thing is that it’s the patients own blood so no side effects other than mentioned.

Does PRP work for joint pain?

Yes. It actually draws attention to your own body to heal itself by ramping up an inflammatory response.

Can PRP cure arthritis?

It makes it manageable but does not it cure it, no. But it helps significantly.

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