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Natural Looking Botox
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Natural Looking Botox: What You Should Know

Botox, along with Dysport and dermal fillers, are very popular non-surgical procedures used to eliminate or reduce wrinkles and plump and contour the face. By following certain steps and paying careful attention to who you decide to go with for injectables, you’ll achieve natural results with Botox.

Search for the Right Doctor

Some clinics and practitioners who administer Botox have limited experience compared to others in your area. Try to find people with board-certified credentials rather than vague statements on “expertise.” Browse websites, reviews, and social media to see evidence of previous works. 

At Glow Up Aesthetics, our providers Haley and Chelsey have extensive training in Botox and filler best practices. With backgrounds in nursing, care and precision drive their efforts in the aesthetic world. Learn more about our team, methodology, and training here.

Create a Unique Plan

Work with your doctor to set realistic expectations. They should educate you about Botox, what can go wrong and what it can and can’t do. The best providers won’t push you into procedures or treatments you’re not comfortable with.

A good Botox provider should also examine facial creases and detail your facial muscle movements. To do this, you’ll flex muscles in areas of concern to determine if Botox is right and how much to use. Your provider should analyze your muscle groups, since each person’s muscles vary, to ensure natural results.

Consider Your Options

Regarding the occipitofrontalis muscle, where Botox is often injected, if Botox is injected all around, some areas can still contract and not look “soft.” For this reason, Dysport can sometimes ensure a smoother, natural look.

Between Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, and other fillers, there are a lot of options to choose from. Patients that are new to facial rejuvenation often are unsure which methods are right for them and their aesthetic needs. Our team here at Glow Up Aesthetics can provide clarity on the function of the different types of fillers and injectables to make sure you are considering the full range of options at your disposal.

Risks of Botox

If too much is used or injected incorrectly, your natural expressions will be overly reduced and it may be hard to flex certain muscles. Asymmetry or drooping can also occur. Although, when Botox is injected by board-certified clinicians, the risks are minimal. Contact your provider in case of any negative side effects.

Natural Looking Botox in Kalamazoo

Botox is a quick, easy, and affordable option for people looking to diminish wrinkles and give their face a refresh. If you’re looking for a comfortable, convenient Botox provider in Kalamazoo, Glow Up Aesthetics is the place for you. Whether it’s injectables or other med spa wellness treatments, we offer the latest and most well-tested products and services near you. Call or contact us online to schedule your first appointment!

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