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How to Get the Best Results From Your First Botox® Treatment

Botox® is hands down the most popular, noninvasive cosmetic procedure. Millions of Americans elect to get a Botox injection each year. Are these millions getting the most out of their Botox treatments? Chances are that they aren’t, but you can with our expert advice on how to get the best results from your Botox treatment

Our team of board-certified medical professionals at Glow Up Aesthetics in Kalamazoo, Michigan, specialize in all things cosmetic and can get you the results you’ve been wanting from your Botox. 

Botox basics

Botox comes from the bacteria clostridium botulinum. In large doses, it’s toxic, but in small, injectable doses, it can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles. When injected, Botox prevents your muscles from contracting by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. If your muscles are unable to contract, your skin doesn’t wrinkle. 

Botox is most commonly used on forehead lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, and all those wrinkles that have developed from years of repeated muscle contracting. Getting a Botox treatment is quick and virtually painless. Typically, results start to show within a couple of weeks and can last for months. The trick is making each treatment last as long as it can. Here’s how to do that:

Schedule your treatments carefully

It’s important to schedule your Botox treatments carefully. Too many injections and your muscles will become resistant; too few and your results will likely wear off much faster. It’s also best to make sure you’re receiving the right dose. 

We can work with you on creating the perfect balance of dose and number of treatments to make sure your results last as long as possible. 

Protect your skin from the sun

Protecting your skin from sun damage is not only simply good skin care practice, it’s also important in maintaining your Botox results. UV rays from the sun are major factors in causing wrinkles and other damage. They break down the elasticity in your skin and cause you to see more flaws. 

Too much exposure to sun works against your Botox treatment and makes the effects wear off much more quickly. To avoid this we recommend using a sunblock with a high SPF to combat the effects of sun damage. 

Maintain good skin care habits

Moisturizers, gentle exfoliators, and other skin care products are great for boosting your Botox results. Not only do they is it good to keep your skin healthy, clean, and moisturized, practicing good skin care can enhance your Botox by making your skin look smoother, clearer, and naturally glowing.

Another great tip for your skin especially when you’re treating it with Botox is to lower your stress levels. When you’re stressed, the muscles in your body contract. Since Botox is working to reduce those contractions, keeping your stress levels and therefore your muscle contractions low is a great way to help get better results. 

Invest in supplements

Botox works best when it’s supported by supplements, specifically zinc. When injection, Botox uses the zinc that’s already in your body to block the nerve signals and keep your muscles from contracting. Taking zinc supplements give your Botox a boost and prolongs its anti-aging effects. 

Stop being frustrated with Botox results that don’t last as long as you want them to. Try our Botox boosting methods and see how you can maximize your beauty. For more information or to schedule a Botox treatment, call our office or schedule an appointment online

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