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How to Care for Your Skin Post Holiday

Well, the new year has been finally rung in and the holiday glow you’ve enjoyed may be fading as fast as it seems like the holidays flew by. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a glow-up, now is the time to get your post-holiday skin looking great with help from Glow Up Aesthetics.


Great skin starts with enough moisture. It can be hard for people in West Michigan to keep their skin well-hydrated during the long, dry winter, so if you’re looking for the best moisturizing treatment near you, look no further. If your skin feels like it’s sucked dry of moisture whether due to a dry office or the weather, we can help with top-quality skincare products and ultra-deep moisturizing procedures like HydraFacial. This cleanses your skin and adds a lot of moisture with patented serums and infusions.

An Updated Skin Care Routine

New year, new routine. Now is a great time to think about what is working for you today and what isn’t quite there. One of the many ways that you can make your products work for you is by coming in for a professional cosmetic examination. A consultation can identify any existing issues with your skin and come up with solutions that can help you look and feel better. If you have specific problems such as acne, we have a product or treatment for you to help you alleviate any existing problems and make sure they don’t come back.

Go Further than Skin Deep

If you want to get that glow that says you’re in great health, you’ll find it easier than ever with help from procedures such as a chemical peel. Chemical peels are a gentle, modern way to remove all sorts of skin problems you might have suffered from in the past such as blackheads. Varied types of chemical peels are available today. For example, you might choose to go with a standard peel that strips away dull, dry outer layers of skin cells to reveal the healthy glow beneath. Many people also consider options that can also remove more than one layer of skin. That can help you get rid of deeper problems such as serious scarring from acne.

Limitless Options

One of the best things about modern cosmetic medicine is that there are so many options for improved skin care. For one thing, you can try the full line of injectable fillers and Botox treatments we offer, which are more sophisticated than ever.  You can also choose all sorts of other procedures such as microneedling and PRP therapy. This will stimulate collagen production and help your skin look a lot brighter without the need for any kind of harsh chemicals.

These are just some of the procedures you’ll find when you get in touch with us. Speak with us today and let us show what we can do to help you get fabulous post-holiday skin. Call or contact us online to get started.

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