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3 Amazing Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine has revolutionized pain and cosmetic treatment. Patients are experiencing faster recovery times, less pain, and younger-looking skin and tissues, and you can too. 

At Glow Up Aesthetics, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, our team of experts specializes in regenerative medicine including platelet rich plasma therapy. Read more to see how regenerative medicine can benefit you. 

An overview 

Regenerative medicine is the process of replacing or regenerating the cells, tissues, or organs in your body. This is done to restore function, repair damage, and revitalize the healing process. We focus on regenerative medicine through platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. 

PRP therapy starts when we take a sample of your blood. This sample is then put through a machine called a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins your blood sample rapidly to separate your blood components so we can remove the plasma. 

Your plasma is so useful because it is the part of your blood that contains proteins and other factors that stimulate cell growth and healing. We take the concentrated plasma and inject it directly into the site you want treated, whether for cosmetic reasons or to eliminate pain. 


This kind of regenerative medicine has lots of benefits. Here are a few:

Reduced risk of side effects

PRP is what doctors call autologous. This means that it comes from your own body. Because PRP is a natural part of your system, you’re much less likely to experience any side effects like infections. You’re also less likely to reject PRP because it’s not a foreign substance.  

Increased healing

When you’re injured or have flaws like wrinkles and saggy skin, the cells in your body have been damaged. PRP uses your own plasma to focus on the area of concern, encourage healthy cell growth, and promote healing. It can do this because the plasma used in PRP therapy is a super-concentrated injection packed with the growth factors your body needs to heal. This regenerative medicine also helps to reduce swelling, which speeds up both healing and recovery time. 


Often, the treatment for injuries and cosmetic problems might include surgery or painful procedures. Regenerative medicine, especially PRP, is a noninvasive and natural way to address what’s bothering you. Even better, we’re able to pinpoint the exact location that needs the treatment without knives or anesthesia. A simple, targeted injection is all it takes to experience the benefits of regenerative medicine. 

These are just a few of regenerative medicine’s many benefits If you’ve been longing for a life without pain or a way back to your younger, healthier self, look no further than PRP therapy. When you’re ready to start your journey toward wellness, youth, and health, call our office or schedule an appointment online

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